Lionhaven Timber Construction  It’s our business to make sure you’ll love doing business in yours.

At Lionhaven we offer experience in Alterations and Renovations in a a wide range of commercial and residential projects. With over 20 years experience we have the knowledge and technical expertise to construct your project. Our standards of quality are high, we work in a safe manner and productive manner.       The result? A structure of exceptional quality built in a responsive  manner.  

Bespoke Homes

We handle many various projects, Residential we can build for you a bespoke designed home of your choice, using trades people that are recognized as tops in their field guarantee’s
that the project will be built to the highest quality.

Your project will always get the care and attention it deserves.

We can assist in the realization of projects of any size or scale.

Alterations & Renovations

Lionhaven Alterations and Renovations

Our experience is your advantage, from the moment you decide to add on or renovate your existing home, from the moment you are running out of space for your family, or your house has the potential to be updated and provide for you the advantages for your family. then Lionhaven can help.

By constructing with Lionhaven you will add space and value to your existing home providing many benefits.

Pergola’s and Decking

Lionhaven Pergola’s or Decking

Choosing a timber pergola or a timber decking for your outdoor space is the perfect choice if you are looking to create an earthy, natural look for your yard or garden. A timber pergola or decking is as durable as it can be versatile in design. It is also an environment-friendly option that is equally attractive when blended with the surrounding aesthetics of the home and garden.

Let Lionhaven help design a timber pergola or decking that makes optimal use of your available space and home design for you to enjoy the best of both, summer shade and winter sun.

A well designed Pergola or Decking also adds ascetic appeal and value to your Home